Electrify Me

by Swell Daze

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released August 14, 2015



all rights reserved


Swell Daze Washington, D.C.

On August 14th Swell Daze released a new EP titled 'Electrify Me'. The EP shows Swell Daze's writing style heading in a more mature direction with a focus on catchy melodies, relatable lyrics, and pop style arrangements. The songs, however, are still driven by strong lead and backing vocals, heavy lead guitars, melodic bass lines, and powerful drum parts that make up the Swell Daze sound. ... more

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Track Name: Electrify Me
I try to fight it baby but it's too much
I see my life before my eyes
I need the white hot chill of your touch
A little shock to keep me alive

With my eyes closed tight
I can see the light

Electrify me
Send it right through my chest
Make my heart start beating
Electrify me
Make it quick cause right now
I can feel it fading

Ran out of chances, oh what can I do
Yes I feel like I'm as cold as ice
Come on hurry baby cause I need you
To shock me back to life
Track Name: My Way
I thought of walking away
Too much regression to our early days
Well they bury the hatchet in their graves
Well I won't wait that long

I'm gonna do it my way
Or do it no way at all
Who's gonna stand in my way
We're gonna do it my way
Or do it no way at all
Dare you to stand in my way

I ask myself everyday
Will things get better
Or remain this way?
As I search for the answer I pray
They realize soon
Track Name: Pay Attention
See me, I'm a man without a soul
It's easy to surrender all control

I need medication
Cause I can't pay attention anymore
Up to my neck in information
I'm afraid that soon I'm
Gonna drown

I choose to take what's inside out of me
You choose to only listen if it's free

Humans' dependence on modern technology
Has shifted from a trend to an epidemic
It's only a matter of time before we
Surrender our minds completely
And forfeit our humanity

All the voices in my head
Always come around again
Yeah they always come around again
Track Name: I'd Rather Be Broke
I've run away from a promising land
Why did I do it? I can never live that way
I've got to be the best I can be
That only happens when I can be me

I'd rather be broke and be free
Than blend with everybody
Cause many times I've tried
And even more I've wasted
Doing what the world expects of me

Have a seat
Let's talk about your future
I already know that
This is not the place for me
How do you know, son?
It feels like I'm dying everyday
And it's getting old for me
Track Name: Middle of Nowhere
We've all got somewhere to go
But at the end of the road
For all our trouble
There'll be nothing to show

You and me (where I want to go)
Need to leave
Head for the middle of nowhere
We will flee (where I want to go)
The lights and cities
Head for the middle of nowhere

I miss the smile on my face
Another thing I misplaced
And all my steps
Have been retraced

The middle of nowhere
Has got to be somewhere
Track Name: Mother Mary
My mother, oh mother Mary Jane
Is coming here today
To show you one important thing
She showed me the same thing
Earlier today
I saw visions, apparitions
That I feared were here to stay

She told me
I'm going to set you
Free, yeah
Follow me, yeah

Skies bluer
Symphonies in the breeze
My body melts away
But still my shadow follows me
A moment is a lifetime
Memory slips away
Don't you worry, there's no worry
Mother sang to me

She showed me another way to see
Now it's me who's going to set you

Take my hand and follow me
Deeper into Mystery
Hear my song, an honest song
Of Mary Jane
And how she opened my eyes