Simple Fix

by Swell Daze

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Recorded at Bias Studios in Springfield, VA and at Cue Recording Studios in Falls Church, VA.

Produced by Jim Ebert


released 01 July 2014

Addison Smith - Lead Guitar, Backing Vocals
McCoy Douglasson - Lead Vocals
Titus Barton - Drums, Backing Vocals
Mitch Weissman - Bass

Produced and mixed by Jim Ebert
Engineered by Sean Russell
Mastered by Vlado Meller

Executive Producer David Douglasson



all rights reserved


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Swell Daze Purcellville, Virginia

An original noise and performance: From three-part harmonies, to imaginative rhythms, to a meticulous progression of sound and feel, this is a group which not only raises the bar, but also throws it at you—just to catch you off guard. Swell Daze is a plethora of catchy melodies, pop sensibilities, combined with a progressive mindset, wayward approach to writing, and hunger to step outside the box. ... more


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Track Name: Tug of War
Its time that I faced reality
Everyone is starting to look just like me
Wherever I go there’s a door that reads
“Only use in case of an emergency”
I guess I could use one now

I’ll never have the word “clone”
Written on my tombstone

I don’t want to waste the prime of my life
They aren’t leaving satisfied

If I was blind maybe I could see
The beauty in the inconsistencies
They say that everything’s found
I say hell with them
I’m gonna turn the map face down and start all over

I’m finished with reciting my lines
Its time I improvised

Is it all in my head or is it real
How Could I turn down such a deal
A simple handshake would find me gold
But I could never afford to buy back my soul
I’ve been beaten by a dead horse one too many times
So I’m taking my life off the line

Tug of war is why I fell every day
So I just let go and walked away
Track Name: Blackjack

Started out with nothing
But good intentions
Ain't that the way it always does

Slip of the lip and I’m in
For more than a bruised one
She’ll be lookin’ for new ones before we’re through

Now every day feels like I’m
Walkin on thin ice
Ain't that the way it always does

Blackjack in your hand
But you throw it out because you never can
Win. How can you lie the way you do?
I don’t understand
I could have sworn you were better than this
She knows (‘loves’ in last chorus) you better than you do.

I don’t have a clue but
She don't either
So I’ll keep acting like I do

All I have to do is
Run away
No other way leads back to you

Started out with nothing but good intentions
I never meant to follow through

And If I decide to run away well
Now every way leads back to you
Track Name: Up in the Sky
Up in the Sky

You know the feeling when you’re up in the sky
That’s how my head feels all the time
Gift of persuasion used and abused by you
Has got me playing the role of the fool

I swept your chimney
Who even looks up there?

Hey doctor I’ve got a question
What more can I take?
Just find out how much will kill me
Then take some away
I know she knows I don't
Know much at all
But I know something that she don't

I can’t see the ground
It’s covered with names you dropped while in town
Everyone loves you they fall at your knees
If that’s what you need I’d rather be free

I bought you perfume
You didn’t even use it

I’ve seen beyond your charm
Such a clever disguise
All it took was a look from her
To pull the wool from my eyes
Track Name: Simple Fix
Simple Fix

One-way ticket I’ve got nowhere to go
I’m on the fast track and I’m takin it slow
I’m on the fence and I know just what you mean
When you are up here there’s so much to be seen

What more can I say, I had It till I took It away

I can’t afford another day like this
I keep searchin’ for the simple fix
I can't stand the way he’s staring at me
So I break every mirror that I see
I push the pedal down to the floor
My tank is full but Im’a give it some more
Lights are flashing in my rear-view mirror
I’ve got to get out of here

Already wrong so I’ve no reason to stay
And yet I’m still here at the end of the day
I’m simultaneously where I belong
I never thought that I would ever have to write this wrong
Track Name: A Cold Day, Colene
A Cold Day, Colene

My memories weigh so heavily
Dragging me down but I do not let go
When we were young there were songs to be sung
I can’t seem to think of those melodies though
The hardest thing about growing up is I can’t tell if I ever did
Funny thing I don’t remember much
But there are some things you never forget

How long has it been my friend?

You say that every day is a cold day, Colene
But you’ll never move where its warm cause you like the snow
When I hear about you I cry, “Are you okay Colene?”
When the others laughed in my face you said it’d be all right
Now it’s my turn
It’ll be all right
It’ll be all right

It was on that day you said to me
Don’t listen to what they say
That’s when I caught a glimpse of love
That’s something I could never repay
When you’re lying there so silent
Memories rush through your head
I hope that you remember love
Oh believe in those words that you said

Life has lied to you again
Life has lied but it’ll be all right
Track Name: Eight Ball
Eight Ball

I don’t find a thing you do amusing
I don’t want to see what you have done
Tell me what it is you find confusing
Tell me just how far you're gonna run

I wont find another bone to throw you
I wont sit around to watch you fail
Go ahead and tell me all the things that I should do
And just see If I put up another bail

I gotta say your attitude has never really helped us at all
I hope this ain't the trip before the fall
I see the end coming and now I’m trying not to call
I'll never scratch again on the eight ball

I can’t miss you until you're gone
I can't take your picture off the shelf
Tell me when you think that you have moved on
But don't tell me if you’re lying to yourself
Track Name: I'm an Actor
I’m an Actor

I know we’ve shared a couple laughs
But you don’t know me, no one does
I’d say I wear a lot of masks
Sometimes I can’t tell which ones real

Oh no I
Oh no I’m an actor

Oh no I’m not the man you know
I’m an actor and that’s all I’ll ever be
But I’ve found someone whose life’s the show
Wherein I can truly play the part of me

I used to think that I had no other choice
But to give in to every voice
Now that I know I don’t have to entertain you
There’s so much that Id love to say

Do you really think I’d really live that lie
Track Name: Tailspin

I’m in a tailspin but I wont slow down whoah
I always pull up before I hit the ground whoah

Situation critical Never ends well that’s typical
Coming round going round
Got to keep control but I might just let it go

Swear I’ve never been to a place like this before
Kind of looks the same but I just cant tell anymore

Losing my mind but I tell myself its ok
I know its never best to let your past get in the way

I’ve never flown this low
I should’ve landed this thing days ago
So if this is how I go and I lose it all
I might as well enjoy the fall

There is no way that I could do
All of those things I’ve put you through
And now I know, and now I know that I have gone
Out of control but out of this hole I’ve dug myself
Track Name: Reckless

I’ve lit my candle at both ends
How I pretend
I don’t know how to explain to you
But what else can I do

As daylight fades I count the days
I keep myself from you
I can’t deny how it felt so right
It felt so right with you

They tell me I’ve lost my mind,
That you’re not the kind of girl
You opened my eyes to uncover colors
That I never knew

If I knew that this time
Your body against mine
Would be the last time
My hand runs through your hair
I’d stop and hold you there
I won't let go

My conscience condescends my heart
A traitor to my cause
How could I turn the lights off
Hoping I’ll find my way in the dark

You’re not the reckless type
Your guards up all the time
Just let go
Track Name: Hooked

Strange your gonna put on the rock shelf
Strange your gonna put it on too
Vain I bet you don’t know her last name
Vain she’s working for you

Blame I couldn’t stop if I tried to
Blame I hardly feel it at all
Shame only thinking of myself
Shame but I’m caught up in you

Claim that all I wanted was action
Became, something I can’t control
Change, Now the victim is myself
Change, I kinda like it this way
Track Name: Between the Lines
Between the lines

Don’t think its complicated
Don’t think that I can’t take it
Its time to make or break through

It’s your articulation
Set to my syncopation
That lifts my feet off the ground

My own hallucination
You’re giving good vibrations
I need to feel it again

But I see straight through your get up
I’m screaming out I’m fed up
I’m gonna loose my mind

No it’s not complicated
Don’t make this complicated
Do I need to say it again?

No it’s not complicated
Please make this complicated
I’m gonna loose my mind

I can’t waste my time
Waste my time with your heart
Oh please waste my time
Waste my time before I fall apart

I love to hate it
Read between the lines